SamFind: Customizable Search Engine

Search engine aggregators and popping out everywhere. There are Eco Friendly search engines, search engines that pay users for just using the service, button based search engines and a lot more. There is this one search engine aggregator called SamFind which lets you customize the look and feel of the search engine and even the search results.

By default, Samfind aggregates search results from the three most popular search engines out there. This includes Yahoo, Google and MSN respectively. You normally have to type an extra keyword in order to get a search result for a particular topic or niche. With SamFind, you can customize which of the topics you want to appear in the results of your searches. If you want immediate results for pets and animals simply add it to your list of topics and a buttons from niche search engines will appear in your customized search page. You can also place widgets in your custom search page.

I just noticed a few things when I tested the service. The search results do not appear on the same page for some topics. A popup window will open which will bring you to the service offering the niche search service. Google search results do appear on the SamFind page but still pops out another window. There are also no ads in the service. They said that they are kind of anti-ads and don’t want their users to use a service full of ads.

The search engine looks nice and clean but the fonts and design could use a little more polishing. Their concept of displaying art in their pages instead of advertisements is a fresh idea when it comes to search engines. If you are already accustomed to using iGoogle as your home search page and still want to use Samfind, you can easily insert it in your iGoogle page and still benefit from the customized search results.

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