Rocketron: Hear the News from your Phone

Rocketron (a service mark of Asyncast Corporation) is a startup focused on bringing the latest news to you anytime, anywhere. You can use any phone to listen to news that you personally choose. You can also leave comments about stories and listen to other people’s comments. To hear the news through Rocketron, all you need to do is dial 408-907-2323.

What makes Rocketron interesting is its voice command feature. You can skip a news that you don’t want to listen to by just saying the phrase “next article,” repeat an article by saying the word “repeat” and go straight to what you care about by speaking the category of the news you want to hear (e.g. : sports news). Rocketron eliminates repetitive stories and gathers over 40 thousand stories from popular news names like NY Times, Washington Post and a lot more.

Each time you skip an article you don’t want or switch to a different subject, Rocketron learns something new. Over time, Rocketron automatically gets better at picking articles that it knows you want to listen to, all without complex programming. This is a great feature in addition to eliminating repetitive stories which wastes time and money.

While web registration is not entirely necessary, you can still sign-up for an account in their web service where you can do further customization on the news you want to hear and set your account to receive SMS messages. You can place keywords for news articles you want to hear and eliminate.

Rocketron is a very interesting service and great for people who are always on the go. The news delivery is entirely free. However, it will cost you a phone call to Silicon Valley.

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