reddit Just Went Opensource

Yesterday, social news agrregator reddit just announced that they are going open source.

Since reddit’s beginning, we have stood on the shoulders of giants in the open source world. Every library, tool and platform we depend on is open. Until now, the only portion of reddit that wasn’t freely available is reddit itself. We are proud and excited that we’re finally giving back to the community that has given us so much.

Watch their cute alien mascot discuss more details.

Developers are now probably busy thinking of ways to make reddit better for users, some may have actually started hacking the codes. I wonder how this move will affect Digg? We’ll just have to wait and see.


Cast your votes on who would kick ass. Digg Vs. Reddit

2 Comments on “reddit Just Went Opensource

  1. Even if Reddit thought that had a chance at Digg, they would need a long haul at development for its users, in order to be able to stand against the well worked on, user friendly Digg.

    Dugg & Stumbled. (not reddited)

  2. Guy, I also like Digg and am a regular user of the social news site, but It’s hard to deny that this move will have little or no effect on Digg. Most Digg users are also Linux and OpenSource junkies. Rumors that Digg is for sale won’t help them either.

    I also have big respect to reddit. Being managed by only 5 people to go this far is quite a big feat. Going opensource will help the team a lot and allow more developers to provide proper tools for better service.

    Thanks for the Digg and Stumble and especially for sharing your opinion Guy. 🙂 Cheers!

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