Prezi: Create Zoomable, Non-Linear Presentations

preziPrezi is a very powerful and unique online presentation editor that produces amazing results. The editor basically lets you create a presentation in a map-like form and allows the user to zoom in on portions or details of the presentation manually or automatically. The idea is to create and perform non-linear and unique presentations that go beyond the traditional prints and slides format.

What Prezi can do:

You can insert videos, images and web links to your Prezi presentations. The application also eats PDF documents and easily inserts them in any of your presentations. If you want high resolution graphics with fine control over shapes, layers, etc, you can use image editors and save them as PDF documents. Once uploaded to Prezi, you can place frames and zoom around. You can also insert SWF files which include animation and interactive flash files.

For safe presentations, you can download your finished Prezi, and present without internet access.

You can publish your Prezi on, so everybody can view it. You can also embed it into your site.

What Prezi can’t do (yet):

Direct PPT (PowerPoint) import

Printing is not supported yet but the Prezi team is working on it.

Prezi has the potential of becoming the top online presentation editor. It is definitely worth checking out. If you want to produce stunning presentations that goes beyond the norm, better head to the site and give it a try. You won’t be disappointed.

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