Petizens: Drag and Drop Social Networking Site for Pets and Owners

petizensPetizens is a social networking site for pets and their owners. The service allows the user/pet owner to create and customize a special page for their pet(s) by simply clicking and dragging elements to their social networking page.

Joining the social network is easy and only takes a few seconds of your time. Adding profile information is another story. Once registered you’ll need to do is to create a profile for your pet. Aside from the usual fields like name, breed and color – you can also add a special status of for your pet. You can tell your friends if your pet is Missing, Adoptable, For Sale or Deceased. This will add all a little more information on the status of your pet. It can be useful in helping you locate your lost pet or find new owners for young pets. The next step is to add a photo (videos can be added later) of your pet which you can tag, add titles and captions. The last step is to customize your pet’s profile page which can easily be done by click and drag.

If you’re looking for a new social networking site for your most loved animal companion, you can check out Petizens and see if it will work out for you and your pet.

petizens pet profile page

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