Okimok: iPhone Photo Streaming App

okimokOkimok is an online social photo streaming service that allows you to upload photos from your iPhone and share them with everyone. The service is for iPhone users only if you are going to upload photos, but non-iPhone users can also sign-up, follow other users and view their photo streams.

If you are expecting that Okimok is a photo host for your iPhone captured moments, you are mistaken. The service only allows you to stream up to 15 photos in your solo stream. Older photos will automatically be deleted to update your stream. The purpose of this is to see what your friends are doing right now. You can think of it as your most recent 15 photos stream update of your life. There’s also the combo stream, which shows the latest 30 photos of all the friends you’re following. It’s like having a personal home theater of your friend’s adventures.

Okimok is an interesting service for streaming photos and sharing them with your friends through your iPhone. Just be careful on uploading photos because you cannot delete individual photos. However, you can ask them to delete all your photos from your photo stream or just upload more photos to overwrite the previous ones. Have fun streaming.


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