Ninite: A Very Simple Way to Install Apps on your Windows Machine

Ninite is a service that allows you to install Windows Applications on your computer without the hassle of heading over to different websites to gather, download and install the apps that you want to use. The tool makes is overly simple for you to find and install different software for your computer. It is also a way of discovering the best Windows apps available out there in case you are not familiar with them yet.

To begin mass installing the software that you need, simply head over to the Ninite website and select the application(s) you wish to install on your Windows machine. When you are done with your selection, simply click the Get Installer button on the bottom of the list to download the installer file. Launch the installer file and watch Ninite do the rest for you. It will download and install all the software you ticked previously.

What makes Ninite even more worth it to use aside from the fact that it installs the latest version of the applications on its list, is the way it installs your apps. The installation paths and settings are automatically chosen for you with no additional installation of other junk software such as toolbars and other crapware.

Ninite is a great tool to access when you are making fresh software installs. It’s very practical to use especially when you just got your new Windows 7 PC. It’s also a great tool to use when installing software after formatting your hard drive. You don’t need to go through each installation wizard and manually remove the default settings of some apps which contain auto-install of toolbars and other extra software. You’ll get the basic application that you need and nothing more.

It is completely free for personal use, they are currently planning to offer business accounts with premium features like local download caching, network share download caching, and a silent mode.

These advanced features are currently enabled on free Ninite installers so you can try them out. Once we launch premium accounts you’ll have to upgrade to continue using them.

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