Navify: Enhancing Wikipedia with Images, Videos and Comments

navifyNavify is an online visual encyclopedia that combines Wikipedia articles with images, videos and comments. This is a great place to start if you are doing a research about something. Instead of heading straight to Wikipedia for the text content, you can use Navify to view related images and videos about the article you want to read about. Comments are also allowed so you can read what people are saying about a publication.

Wikipedia is the choice site of many whenever they want to learn about something. What Navify does is enhance the content found on Wikipedia with related media that is available online. The service is also planning on placing a music player so that users can listen to full related songs and audio content. If you are not satisfied with what you find in Wikipedia, you might want to give Navify a shot for more content.

Instead of searching different sites for more images and videos about a particular topic, you can enjoy all of them in a single page in Navify. This will save you some time and will give you less distraction that other sites provide while viewing media that you are interested in.


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