Mixx Launches Mixx Communities

Social media news aggregator Mixx recently launched “Mixx Communities.” It’s a Mixx extension where users can create a niche community site under the wings of Mixx. Members can contribute to the community by submitting their stories like they would normally on the larger Mixx community.

The created Mixx Community will be given its own subdomain. Community administrators can create their own niche topic tabs. This will enable content filtering for a smaller niche community. They are also allowed to customize the look and feel of the community site that they created. Administrators can personally brand their community site and insert their own logo, edit color schemes and post editorial content. They are also given the option to monetize their site by placing an Adsense unit (Shared revenues).

This is a great step for Mixx, offering its members to create their own niche social media community and earn a buck in the process. It’s like a BlogSpot for social media. Any member of Mixx can set up his/her own community. The setup process is quite easy that even a non techie person can create and customize a community in just a few minutes. Gathering members for the community is always the hardest part. Administrators can invite their Mixx friends to join in their newly created community and they can also send invitations by email.

With Reddit going opensource and Mixx making this community offering to its users, it would be interesting to know what Digg will come up with.

4 Comments on “Mixx Launches Mixx Communities

  1. Given that Digg is still the best if not biggest among the mentioned social voting sites, I think that it’s good to assume that the move made by Reddit and Mixx will have a significant effect on the Digg traffic. I for one am very excited and interested in this new project of Mixx.

    We’ll just have to see how it rolls out.

  2. I signed up for your community.. I love this new concept and feel that mixx will start gaining some of the market share for incorporating this into their websites. Your community page looks really sharp, and I will be back often 😉

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