Minus: A Minimalist Drag and Drop Sharing Platform

Minus is a file sharing app where you can simply and easily drop files from your desktop to your browser. Yes, just drag the file (pictures, documents, music, videos, etc.) from any folder on your computer and drop it on the Min.us website.

Registration in Minus is optional. You can immediately share a file upon dragging it to the minus interface. However, creating a Min.us account has a few perks:

• You can have own Profile at http://min.us/u/yourusername.

• You can follow and subscribe to other users to see their latest galleries via home page.

• You can publish your galleries onto your profile for your followers and fans. (Your galleries will always be private by default)

• You can track your own galleries from anywhere on the go.

All the uploaded files are kept indefinitely unless deleted by the user or if it goes against their TOS (terms of service). The size limit currently is 50 MB per item and there can be a max of 50 items per gallery. This may not be much as but it is certainly suitable for quick sharing images, documents and short videos. Plus, they promise to upgrade the current size and item limit in the future.


*Minus works on Firefox and Chrome browsers, and supports Windows, Mac, Linux and Android operating systems. (iOS and Blackberry support coming soon)


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