MadeUpMemories: Insert your Face on a Video

made up memoriesMade Up Memories is a video service that allows you to create a fun video of you without actually being in it. It is done by customizing a video with a personal photo. You can insert a photo on a video of your choice and make it look like that it is actually you on the video. Remember the dancing elves app?

Creating your Made Up Memory can be done in five easy steps. For starters, select a video that tickles your fancy. It can be a video of someone skydiving, a fairy tale, a super hero character, a concert or even a toy.

The next step is to choose a photo that you want to insert in your video. Do some personalization on the photo, preview the created video starring you and you can be on your way to sharing your own Made Up Memory. The video can be embedded on your blogs and social pages or you can download them to your desktop to keep a copy for yourself.

This will give you something new to share with your friends. You can use your own photo to make them believe that you are actually doing something you’re not. Or you can use your friend’s photos and have lots of fun with them. Make them believe that you saw a video of them on a concert or something. This is also a fun app that you can share with your kids and create a superhero or fairy tale video with them on it.

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