Leaked Video of Windows 7 Ultimate or Modified Windows Vista?

windows-logo.jpgWe all know about the news that Windows 7 will be coming out on the second half of next year. It is also said that an early version of the OS has been shipped to “key partners” as a Milestone 1 code drop for validation purposes. This video shows the next-gen Windows OS in action. The authenticity of this video is not confirmed. It could just be a modified Windows Vista for all I know. If this OS is really a modified Vista, the person who made this did a really good job of tweaking the OS and a poor job making the video. Or, did he tweak the video to make it look like its running faster? Real or not, you decide.


2 Comments on “Leaked Video of Windows 7 Ultimate or Modified Windows Vista?

  1. Horrible video skills, and this is just a modified version of Windows Vista Ultimate. He just went into the registry and make some changes. Being a Microsoft Beta Tester and having an MSDN account, I can be sure that no one has the next version of Windows right now besides some few over at Microsoft. As far as running fast, well my laptop loads Vista faster then this. 😉
    You can be sure that the next version of Windows will look different from the current Vista we have now.

  2. I always wish that people who are going to make screen videos would clean their screens first! Is that too much to ask? That said, I then to mistakenly believe everything I see, so I count on folks like Keith to clue me in.

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