KickLight: Sync Images and Links with Videos

kicklightKickLight is a new revolutionary online video service. It allows video makers to add synchronized visual elements, called “kicks,” to online videos. People promoting websites through videos will get a “kick” out of this one. Instead of placing URLs on the video you can place images, text and links that appear along with the video.

A “kick,” as I’ve said, is the element that goes with the video. You can place images and links in your “kicks” and it will follow the video wherever it goes or if it gets embedded somewhere else. Kick Light lets you grab videos from YouTube or KickLight. You can create kicks by using their editor that lets you upload up to 10 images per video. You can place text on each kick and add links to them. You can also edit the transitions of your kicks as they appear when the video is played. After uploading your kicks, all you need to do is grab them to the timeline of your video and save.

KickLight is a great way to add information to your videos without adding them to the actual video. This is great for tutorials and it will probably save you some time embedding texts, URLs and images to your videos. You can place them as “kicks” instead. If your viewers feel that the “kick” distracts them, they can always close it whenever they want.

Check out the sample KickLight video below.


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