Japan: The Melody Road

The Melody Road can be found in three locations throughout Japan, including Hokkaido, Wakayama and Gunma. The road will allow a passing car to play a tune. This is made possible by the ridges on the road’s surface which is explained by increasing the frequency of the ridges to increase the pitch of the note created and vice versa. It’s a great idea to keep the drivers occupied and awake during long drives, the only downside is in order to produce the best sound, one must maintain a speed of 45 Kilometers per hour (28 mph). It will take more than a melody road to keep most drivers awake at that speed but who are we to argue. It can prove useful to keep the speed down of vehicles travelling on roads with speed limits. Maybe they can widen the gaps of the ridges if it is going to be used on a high speed road or highway. Watch the clip above.

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