iSpeech: Convert Text To Audio

There are several software/applications that you can use to convert text to audio and iSpeech is one of them. With iSpeech, you can convert text based content and listen to the audio version of that content, download the audio content or podcast it all for free without requiring you to download or install anything.

In order to convert text to audio, all you need to do is copy the text you want to convert and paste it on iSpeech. It will create an audible version of that content which will be played back to you. An embed code for the player will be given to you to paste on you blogs/sites. This is all done in just a few seconds. The service also allows you to upload an entire document file and convert it to audio. The engine will extract the text from your document and transform it to an audible file.

iSpeech is a very interesting service. It will allow content publishers to reach out in a different form. Text and audio can be available side by side. It will give users more options on how they will take in the content. Even though that the audio version that it produces sounds like the Terminator, it’s still fun to hear your written content spoken out loud by the iSpeech robot.

Note: I did not place a sample here because of the auto-play.

7 Comments on “iSpeech: Convert Text To Audio

  1. Well it is pretty good. I’ve tested it with little longer sentences and it was pretty much okay. That ‘robotic’ voice and letter by letter pronounciation are still present at some points so still not perfect… In the future might be a valuable resource… Keeping an eye on that..

  2. @ThingsWanted: Yeah. I enjoyed it too. 🙂

    @Random: It’s pretty cool actually.

    @ShortApps: I’ll be keeping an eye on the improvement of the robotic voice. Hehe

    @Roger: I’ve tried that. I think that a male voice is not available. Have to check again. Guess we’re stuck with the Sarah Connor Chronicles’ Girl Terminator for a while. LOL!

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