HTTP Torrents: Download Torrents Directly from your Browser

httptorrents logoHTTPTorrents is an alternative to using Torrent clients when downloading files that are shared through bit torrent. If you feel that your torrent download is slow when using your resident torrent client, you can try using httpTorrents and download those torrents directly on your browser.

The service functions pretty much direct download file sharing sites such as RapidShare. The difference is that it only works with torrents. You need to copy the torrent hash and paste it to httpTorrents and they will provide you with a list of files that you can download. They stated that you download the file from their server which pretty much means that they will download the file using bit torrent and throw it to you as an http download.

Is HTTP torrent’s server seeds a 1:1 ratio after downloading a particular file to their server and forwards it to their user? – That’s one question a torrent user might want answered. If you are a leecher and does not care about upload ratios when it comes to torrent, you might like and enjoy the concept of HTTPTorrents. You are guaranteed fast speed and 100% downloads, no uploading, no blocking, no ratings and no wait.

This tool can be used by people who needs to download a file available in bit torrent but can’t due to server restrictions. Others may be reluctant to use the service due to the hassle of copying and pasting the hash numbers of torrent files to initiate the download. Integration with torrent search would be a great help to the users and a great improvement to the service. That being said, it’s a great concept and worth keeping an eye for further improvements.

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