Graabr: The Easiest Way to Grab and Share Desktop Screen Shots Online

graabr logoGraabr is a Windows tool that allows you to easily grab screen shots of any part of your desktop and share them online. The application works on Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7. It’s free to download and requires no registration to use and view the saved screen shots.

Download and install the Windows application on your Windows machine and immediately start grabbing your screen once Graabr is launched. Click the Grab My Screen button on Graabr and you’ll get to select which part of your screen you want to share. Simply drag the mouse to grab and the application will do the rest for you. Your image will automatically be saved on the Graabr server for you to share. The grabbed image will appear on your browser along with the image URL of your screen shot.

You won’t have to worry about bookmarking your Graabr image. All uploaded screen shots will be saved on the history of the Graabr application. Simply highlight the URL and click the “Go” button to view the previously saved/shared images.

If you are a heavy user of screenshots and a Windows user, this tool is highly recommended. This is also a great tool that anyone, especially bloggers, can use to easily share and upload screen shots.

graabr screen grabber

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