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gobyGoby is a search tool that is focused on giving you precise results by providing it with simple What Where When information. It will help you explore fun things that you can do on your free time, from taking a unique vacation to creating a weekend adventure.

The goal is to help solve frustrations involved in planning free-time activities while providing a superior search experience for those in need of travel information.

Our goal is to stop the madness and eliminate the need to hop around to multiple Web sites and sort through information that’s often incomplete and/or irrelevant or hard to find.

How to use:

You will be provided with three drop down boxes. Simply click the dropdowns and tell Goby “What” you want to do, the location of your activity/vacation (where) and the time you want to do it (when). The “What” dropdown lets you select from a category of activities – from food and drinks to sightseeing and tours. The Where dropdown displays a map that you can use to pinpoint the location where you want to do the activity you chose on the What dropdown. Lastly, you can place a date or select from a pre listed time on when you want to do your activity.

On the results page, you’ll see several activities that are appropriately ranked which are based on your initial input. There is also a map with a marker that you can move around on different location. Every time you move the marker, the results page will also change and give you activity recommendations that you can do near the location where you placed the marker.

Watch the Video demo.

Goby is a new and interesting way to search the web for travel and adventure activities. You can use the site to plan your next vacation with less stress. The site currently supports cities from the United States and will hopefully support other countries as well becoming a global Travel tool that everyone will surely find very useful.

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