GeekChart: Share Your Social Media Activity Through a Pie Chart

geekchartGeekChart is a tool that you can use to share your online activity through a pie chart. It surveys your social network activities. The service currently supports the most popular social media sites out there. You can display your activity survey on Twitter, YouTube, Flickr, you blog, Digg, Stumleupon, Delicious, and Last.Fm (Facebook is coming soon). If you don’t see your favorite social networking site on the list, you can make a suggestion for the inclusion.

Creating the chart is very easy. Just enter your social networks’ usernames and you can instantly create your chart. The chart will display the last 30 days of your activity on the social websites that you have entered. It may not immediately provide you with an accurate computation because some of the sites only provide very recent usage, but once your data accumulates, you can expect to view a more accurate reflection of your activity.

GeekChart can be used to share your social network activity with friends. You can embed it on your blog to give them an idea on what site you are most active in. You can also use the chart to monitor your own social media usage. You can find out if you are spending too much time on a particular service. If you feel that you’re giving way too much contribution to a particular site, you can immediately track your statistics and become more active on others.


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