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Funniest Anti-Vista Clip

This video was featured in GeeksAreSexy a couple of days ago and I just had to share this with everyone. Take a tour on what Windows Vista( From Microsoft: the company that taught the world to turn OFF their computers by pressing a button marked START) have to offer. Enjoy the Video.

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3 comments on “Funniest Anti-Vista Clip
  1. o_inks says:

    FUNNY indeed! the truth sucks. :))

  2. itot54joni says:

    i’m using vista and it really sucks.slow start up and once my pc hangs up, i have to unplug it.damn bill! lol!

  3. o_inks says:

    LOL man! throw up your vista. the sooner the better. switch back to xp, it will serve you right. 🙂

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