FlixTime: Quick Video Maker with Transition Effects

FlixTime is a video app that lets you create a video file slide out of photos, video clips and text. You can publish a video slide with transition effects in (3) three easy steps and in about (3) three minutes. The service is absolutely free and as soon as you finished signing up for an account, you’ll be able to start creating your 60 second video immediately.

To create a Flix video, just add photos/videos, music and text. Click on the “Add Photos/Videos” button, and you’ll be presented with two choices: Upload and Media Lounge. You can upload images from your computer to Flixtime, or select stock photos from the Media Lounge. You’ll also be presented with the same choices for the “Add Music” — upload your own music, or choose from our stock music collection! To create a text slide, simply click “Add Text Slide”, and enter your text in the “main text” and “subtext” fields.

You can move and organize images by simply clicking, dragging and dropping the image to the place in the timeline that you’d like it to appear. You can also rotate and duplicate images using the video creator. The effects and transitions are automatically generated by their system, and every time you render, a new and unique video is generated.

What I like about FlixTime is that it doesn’t limit you to just create videos online. You can download the created videos so that you can use them offline and on different devices. You’ll have a choice of MP4, DivX, H.264 and FLV files, all in 640 x 360 resolution, and a smaller MP4 file (320x x 240) for iPods and other portable video players.

FlixTime allowed files for upload:

• Video: avi, mpg, flv, wmv and mov files, maximum file size and resolution: 75MB

• Audio: mp3 files, maximum file size and length: 15MB

• Photos: jpeg, gif and png files, maximum file size: 7MB

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