Emotify: Share Discover the Web With Feelings

Emotify is a new content aggregator that allows you to share and discover web content. Unlike most news and content portals, Emotify lets you classify the content that you want to share by categorizing them by mood. It will tell the users how they should feel upon reading/viewing the shared content.

A user can simply choose a mood and get related content based on the chosen emotion. You’ll be able to discover new content delivered with feelings everyday on Emotify. You can select from Funny, Shocking, Inspiring, Sad, Amazing, Upsetting, Disgusting and Frightening content depending on your mood.

Submitting content on Emotify is very easy. You can collect content found on your favorite site and tag them based on how it makes you feel. You can use the bookmarklet or submit your content through the website. Like in most social voting sites, other users get to vote on your submission and let it gain popularity across the network.

This is a new way of sharing and distributing content on the web. Instead of categorizing content like what the popular content providers are doing, you get read and view content through emotion-charged packages.

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