DomainRR: Simple Domain Management Tool

domainrrDomainRR is a domain management tool that you can use to track the expiration date and notify you when those domains are about to expire. The service is a simple database program that allows you to save domain names, registrar, their creation date and expiration date. It will also notify you when the domains are about to expire. The information will be extracted from and will be automatically loaded to your account.

You can set the notifications to happen one month before expiration, one week before expiration and two weeks before expiration. This will give you time to decide if you want to keep the domain or register a new one. You’ll also have time to contact your clients if you happen to be the one maintaining their website. You can also tick the “email if domain will expire tomorrow” in case you forget to renew a domain after getting the first notification.

DomainRR can be very useful for those who have several domain names that are registered under their names. It can also be used to track the expiration dates of the domains for your customers if you happen to be developing websites for different clients. Most of the customers that acquired domain registration and website design packages tend to forget the expiration of their domain. It might be a good idea to track their expiration to maintain customer satisfaction. DomainRR can also be used if you are tracking a domain that belongs to someone else and get notified before they expire so you can prepare to make the purchase yourself in case the owner decides to dump it.

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