Domain Pigeon: Find Available Domain and Twitter Names

domain-pigeon-logoDomain Pigeon is a domain finder service with a twist. Aside from helping you find a good domain name for your new website, it also helps you find out available Twitter name. Twitter names are getting scarcer every day and if you don’t have a Twitter name for your brand, you better get yours now before it’s too late.

Twitter is growing at an enormous rate with an approximation of 33% per month. New accounts are being created every day, not to mention the millions of unique visitors of the site each month. This simply means that a Twitter account is becoming a valuable web real estate. A website or a blog post being retweeted on Twitter can have the same effect as being on the first page of the popular social voting site, Digg.

If you are looking for a good Domain and Twitter name, better give Domain Pigeon a visit before all the good names runs out. You can also use the tool to look for matching available domain and Twitter names. Just one request, only register the ones that you are actually going to use personally, for your brand or website. I know that this won’t stop people from taking the good names just for the heck of it or to sell them, but sure can’t hurt to ask nicely.


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