CompareMyDocs: Compare, Recombine and Merge Document Versions

compare my docsCompareMyDocs is an online document editor that allows you to compare different types of documents in a single page. You can use the tool to load several documents, compare, make revisions and merge them without worrying about messing-up the originals. Once the documents are uploaded, it will leave your originals in-tact and unharmed. You’ll be able to produce and save an entirely new document once the editing is finished.

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You can load .doc, .docx and .rtf files on CompareMyDocs and merge them into a single document. This can be particularly useful in comparing several documents side-by-side to produce better text content. You can easily trash, hide or accept portions of each document. You can also make minor formatting using the tool.

CompareMyDocs outputs .doc files only. This will enable you to open the files using any document editor (old and new). You won’t have to worry about opening unsupported docx files especially if you haven’t installed the converter from Microsoft.

This is a great way of merging several documents together while comparing and editing text content to produce an entirely new document. The beta version works best on text only documents. This simply means that documents that contain tables and images are not entirely supported.

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