AlternativeTo: Find Better Applications

Here at Orangeinks, new web apps and software are featured so that users looking for alternatives can try them out and decide for themselves if they’re going to use it or not. They may not be always the best applications but they are chosen carefully and if they are interesting enough, you’ll see them get featured here.

alternativetoI’d like to share a site, called AlternativeTo, where you can find great alternatives to desktop software that you can use on your favorite operating system. Whether you are using Linux, OS-X or Windows, they give a great list of alternatives for the pre-installed or mainstream software that you are using. They also have a great list of Web Apps that you can choose from that are carefully selected and tested. The applications featured on AlternativeTo are constantly reviewed. Users comment and vote on the app according to their personal experiences while using them. You’ll also be able to get other suggestions from the community.

AlternativeTo has a great collection of applications that might work better than the ones that you are using. It’s always great to try out new apps, especially when those apps are properly tested and reviewed by experts. Have fun trying out alternatives.

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