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This Website Will Allow you to Record Yourself for 3 Seconds and Make it a GIF

andtheniwaslike.co is a website that allows you to make a GIF of yourself in 3 easy steps. First, record yourself for 3 seconds, edit and save it into GIF.

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Easiest Way to Make Your Photos Look Vintage Without Photoshop

There are numerous ways to give photos a vintage look. Most people will point you to Photoshop and some tutorials on YouTube that’ll help you make your photos look old/vintage. But what if you don’t have Photoshop? Of course there

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AudioTool: A Fun Way to Make Music Online

Burn Studios AudioTool is a web application that lets you create music in the cloud. The free online tool lets you create your own electronic music by connecting several virtual music devices. The web app is free and all you

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Duck My Life: Shoot Ducks on Any Website

Duck My Life is a webapp that allows you to shoot ducks on any site. The idea is simple, a duck appears on your browser and you get to shoot it. The only thing that’s missing is the stupid dog

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AlternativeTo: Find Better Applications

Here at Orangeinks, new web apps and software are featured so that users looking for alternatives can try them out and decide for themselves if they’re going to use it or not. They may not be always the best applications

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Fix Red Eyes on Your Photos Online

The red-eye effect in photography is the appearance of red pupils in color photographs of eyes. There are certain web apps that you can use to fix red eyes on your photos. One in particular that you can use for

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