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Hide Active Windows Utility

Window Hidie is a windows application that will hide your active and running window from your desktop. This can be useful if you are in the middle of something and have to leave your computer open with other people around

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Funniest Anti-Vista Clip

This video was featured in GeeksAreSexy a couple of days ago and I just had to share this with everyone. Take a tour on what Windows Vista( From Microsoft: the company that taught the world to turn OFF their computers

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Windows Vista SP1 Blocks Some Security Programs

If you happen to be using Windows Vista, be aware that the Service Pack 1 (SP1) update for your system currently has compatibility issues with some applications. Take note that these applications are not just ordinary applications. Majority of the

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Leaked Video of Windows 7 Ultimate or Modified Windows Vista?

We all know about the news that Windows 7 will be coming out on the second half of next year. It is also said that an early version of the OS has been shipped to “key partners” as a Milestone

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Vista Exclusive Yahoo Messenger Available for Download

After a long wait for Vista users, the Instant Messaging service of Yahoo is now available for download. The Messenger features Tabbed Windows, Sidebar Integration, Contact Scaling and the usual Skin Editing. Go on to their download page to check

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