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Game of Thrones Inspired Tech Company Sigils

Check out these Game of Thrones inspired Sigils made for tech companies.  l;   Image Source

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Popular Websites Redesigned as Magazines

Check what Facebook, Twitter, Wikipedia and Yelp will look like when redesigned as magazines. Wikipedia sort of looks like National Geographic. Facebook looks like a women’s magazine. I like what the artist did on Twitter and Yelp.   Source

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Social Networks Designed as Vintage Propaganda Posters

Do you have a thing for vintage propaganda posters? Check out these propaganda posters designed for the big three of social networking. More from Aaron Wood

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Webapp that Reads Deleted Tweets has Been Shut Down

Do you believe that once you publish something on the net, it stays there forever? Search engines are caching everything that it is allowed to. Once you publish something publicly online, there’s a pretty good chance that a search engine

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