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Black Light Yoda Tattoo

Check out this awesome Yoda Tattoo that lights up when viewed under a black light. Even though I prefer it to be more “cartoony,” I still like it.

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Check out this Awesome Pokemon Tattoo

What makes this tat so great is that it’s not something that was copied from the original anime art. Image Source

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Awesome Tim Burton Inspired Spider-man Tattoo

What if Tim Burton drew Spider-man? This tattoo will probably be the result, or even darker. Source / Via

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TatMash: Add Tattoos to your Photos without Photoshop

TatMash is an online tool that allows you to add any tattoo on any photo without the help of Photoshop. If you’re planning on getting a tattoo, you can try it online using your photo before getting the real stuff.

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Photoshop: Add Realistic Tattoos on your Photos

This Photoshop video tutorial explains a technique on how to place a realistic looking tattoo on any image. This method involves placing an Illustrator file (the tattoo source image) as a Smart Object, using the Free Transform/Warp Tool, adding a

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CheckOutMyInk : Social Tattoo Sharing Site

CheckOutMyInk is a social networking site for tattoo artists, tattoo lovers and for those who are planning to get their bodies inked. The service was created by a group of tattoo lovers who wanted to build a community based on

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