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Pictory: Inspiring Photos with Stories Told by You

Pictory is a website owned by Laura Brunow Miner that showcases photos that are collected from their original source: You. It is all about true, personal stories, and documentation of different lives and cultures. The Internet is brimming with eye

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Twistori: Love, Hate, Think, Believe, Feel, Wish

Twistori is a website that utilizes Twitter to display Tweets that contains selected keywords. You can view different comments and messages made by different people on Twitter in a streaming fashion. You can choose the keywords Love, Hate,Think, Believe, Feel

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StoryBird: A Collaborative Social Storytelling Service

StoryBird is a service that aims to bring families and friends closer together through short visual stories. It can also be used by teachers as a fun and collaborative way of learning. It can help with various learning styles and

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BiblioFaction: Read, Write, Share Short Stories

BiblioFaction is a community powered website for people who love short stories. Whether you are a writer or someone who loves to read short stories, BiblioFaction is a great online hangout. Bibliofaction promises to be to the world of stories

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