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Scoutle: The Automated Social Networking Site for Bloggers and Website Owners

Scoutle is a social networking site which targets website owners, bloggers and other social networking site users. One might ask what this particular social networking site has to offer. There are already numerous social sites out there aimed to connect

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Spot what your Favorite Celebrities are Into

Coolspotters is a social networking site launched to public beta a few days ago which focuses on finding and cataloging stuff that celebrities use. The service will appeal most to celebrity fans who wants to check out what their favorite

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Xobni: Email Organizer for Outlook Users

Xobni (Inbox spelled backwards) is a Microsoft Outlook plugin that helps you manage and organize your emails by utilizing existing Outlook features and creating an email-based social network within your email client. Bill Gates quoted Xobni as “The next generation

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Insoshi Introduces an Open Source Social Networking Platform

Insoshi is an open source social networking platform pretty much like a WordPress for social networks. This is great for developers who want to start an independent social networking site. The platform was built on another open source web framework

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