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Terrify your Friends by Masking your Links with ShadyURL

ShadyURL is most of the time a URL shortening service. On other occasions, it somewhat lengthens other URLs, especially the already short ones, just to accomplish its true purpose. It masks your links and makes them look suspicious and frightening.

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Lnk.By: Give Meaning to Short URLs

Lnk.By is a new URL shortening service that promises to give URL shrinking a whole new meaning, literally. This is what a link shrinking service should be like. The short link that Lnk.By creates describes the content found inside. A

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LongURLPlease: Short URL Expander for Firefox

LongURLPlease is a Firefox extension that allows you to expand shortened URL’s. Nowadays, short URLs are being thrown around the net more than the original ones are. This is thanks to social networking sites like Twitter and the likes. Shortening

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Shrinkify: Produce Shorter URLs Using Firefox

Shrinkify is a URL shortening web tool similar to TinyURL and FuseURL. Basically, all of the mentioned URL shrinking tools pretty much does the same thing but with some differences in their approach on shortening URLs. TinyURL, the most popular

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