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Share your Documents Online in Flip-Book Style

Do you have a document that you wish to share online? Why not do it in a different way? Share your documents in a Flip-Book manner. You’ll be able to do this by using a service called Page Flip-Flap. With

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How to Make File Sharing Using Dropbox Much Much Easier

If you’re a DropBox user, it’s safe to say that you’re already aware of the file sharing capability of the service. All files that are saved in your Public folder can be easily shared with anybody online. All you need

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Minus: A Minimalist Drag and Drop Sharing Platform

Minus is a file sharing app where you can simply and easily drop files from your desktop to your browser. Yes, just drag the file (pictures, documents, music, videos, etc.) from any folder on your computer and drop it on

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Adobe Photoshop Express Goes Public

Adobe just released its online (and stripped down) version of Photoshop called Photoshop Express. From what I can see, it is online photo storage, photo sharing and online photo editing all rolled up into one. The service makes it possible

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