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The Slogan Contest

We recently featured here at Orangeinks. It’s a credit based web marketplace for buying and selling web templates and digital art. Since the service is quite new, they are currently looking for a slogan that they can use for

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Find your DriverSide

DriverSide is a web service that caters both car enthusiasts, regular car owners and those who are planning to buy their first car. It’s a great place to visit if you are in the market for a brand new or

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Sell Your Original Digital Art Online at GraphicLeftovers

At some point, most of us have played with Photoshop, Illustrator, Aviary or any other image editing software available to us, trying to be creative and producing our own digital art. Some might create an image for a specific purpose,

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Paypal Releases Storefront Widget

Have you ever thought of selling something over the internet through your website or blog but failed to do so because you are worried of the technicalities involved in it? Well, worry no more because Paypal just launched the Storefront

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Sell Your Used and Broken Gadgets

We all have our share of broken gadgets, from Mp3 players to game consoles to mobile devices, you name it. Sometimes getting it fixed will cost you almost as much as buying a new one, so in most cases they

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