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Let me Google That For You

Do you get tired of people bugging you with questions that can easily be answered by a quick visit to Google? If you are, give them a Let Me Google That For You link. The service seems like a normal

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Monetize Your Search Box With PredictAd

PredictAd is a simple tool that you can add on your site’s search box which will generate an auto-complete feature. Aside from providing a cool tool for your search boxes, PredictAd is really an advertising service rather than a search

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Quintura Keyword Cloud Search Widget For Your Blogs

Quintura just released a really cool widget that makes it easier to search your website or blogs. The widget comes with the assistance of a keyword cloud that will display tags within the website of your choice. If you own

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Scientology: A Dangerous Cult, Says Google

I found this while Stumblingupon yesterday and had a good laugh when I saw this pop up on my next stumble. It seemed that Scientology is ranking first on Google for the keywords “dangerous cult.” It’s funny to think that

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YouTorrent: Offers Real Time Torrent Search

If you are looking for a rather rare file, YouTorrent can help you by returning results by number of seeds from other torrent sites. BitTorrent search engines aren’t new, there are quite a few sites offering this kind of service

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