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Harry Potter’s Resume when he Applied for an Auror Job

What did Harry Potter do after defeating Voldemort? Well, he got to become an Auror of course. And this folks, is his resume.

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Easily Create a Visually Stunning Online Resume with Zerply

  Zerply is an online resume creator with a social twist. What it does is that it allows you to create a very attractive online resume and let you share it on different social networks or within Zerply’s own network.

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CVStash: Simple and Easy Online Resume Creator

Looking for a great resume format? Try creating one in CVStash. It’s an online service where you can create resumes the easy and simple way. What makes CVStash worth a checkout? As mentioned above, using the service to make your

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ResumeCompanion: Online Resume Builder

ResumeCompanion is an online tool that was primarily designed for professional resume writers. It was only recently that it was made available to the public. The builder comprises of over 40,000 pre-written job phrases spanning over 1000 jobs. That amount

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JobSpice: Easy Resume Creator

Looking for a resume layout? Just head over to JobSpice and get your resume done in a few minutes. It’s an online resume creator where you can easily make your resume for your next job without doing much editing. Their

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SRT: Get Free DIY HTML Resume Template

SRT or Sample Resume Template is where you can acquire a free template for your online resume. It’s a simple and easy way to build a HTML resume. Just download the files, edit them and make your revisions, and upload

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