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Seam Carving Makes Rsizr an Intelligent Image Resizer

Rsizr is a flash application that lets you resize JPG, PNG and GIF images. You can resize your image on your browser without having to open a desktop image editor. It sounds pretty much like most online image resizer out

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JustResizeIt: A Free Image Resizer Widget

JustResizeIt is a downloadable free desktop widget that allows you easily resize images. The simple widget runs on Adobe Air so there’s no problem whatsoever whether you’re using Windows, OS-X or Linux. How It Works: You can create widgets that

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ResizeImage: Resize Images Online

ResizeImage is another dead simple web app that, as you might already figured out, resizes images for you. There are several apps online that you can use to crop or resize your images, but this is by far the easiest

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Resize Unresizable Windows and Kill Splash Screens

Sometimes it gets annoying when you came across a window and you want to resize it for a specific purpose, maybe to fit better in your screen or to read the text better, an cannot resize it because the programmer

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