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FilmSuggest: Discover Movies Based on your Favorites

FilmSuggest is a movie recommendation site which suggests movies based on the ones that you have seen. If you’re looking for a movie which are similar to the ones that you’ve watched you can view FilmSuggest’s recommendations by rating a

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TubeGraph: Embedabble Dynamic Rating for YouTube Videos

TubeGraph is a YouTube tool which allows you to place a dynamic rating tool alongside a YouTube video. The dynamic rating comes in the form of a Graph, not unlike the rating feature that we see in YouTube or the

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Free Weight Loss / Diet Calculators and Tutorials

Calories Per Hour is a website that hands out information for a healthy and sustainable health loss. This site can aid people who aim to lose weight, maintain their current weight. They give out tutorials from diet plans to understanding

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Draw Share Rate Online Drawings with Rate My Drawings

Rate My Drawing is one of many online drawing sites where you can create your art using their online drawing tool. The site uses a Flash based online drawing tool which I find easy to use and get used to.

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