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PodiPodi’s Joyful Version

PodiPodi, a website enhancement tool which launched a few months back, just released a new version called the PodiPodi Joyful Version. Users can now choose from the Geeky interface in which you need to type a command in order to

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PodiPodi Opens to the Public

You may have noticed the flashing black thing every time you visit Orangeinks. It’s a plugin called PodiPodi. In case you missed our review on PodiPodi, it’s a website enhancement tool that lets you upgrade your website and packs it

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The PodiPodi Website Enhancement Tool

PodiPodi is a very cool way of adding non intrusive user interface enhancements to your websites. It is an experimental project in human-Machine Interaction inspired by Enso, a command line interface for desktop systems developed by Humanized, Inc. PodiPodi is

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