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Jabbify: Unobtrusive Chat Plugin for Websites

There are lots of chat client widgets/plugins for blogs and websites. Most bloggers do not use chat widgets mainly because it reduces commenting on articles and it consumes sidebar space. For sites or blogs which offers a service or a

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The Google Translate Gadget

Page translation tools are great if you want to reach out to more readers, especially those who do not speak/read the language you are writing in. I have been using a language plugin for WordPress for quite some time now

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ChunkIt: View the Web in Chunks

Search engines are a great way to find information on the internet, but the problem is that the search results that they give are very short and does not always provide the information that we are looking for. They only give a part of the indexed pages which most of the time is insufficient data. We have to browse the links provided only to find more links and less information. If you are doing research about a particular topic and using a search engine to do it, chances are you’ll end up browsing more than getting what you need right away.

ChunkIt is a Firefox plugin that will help you get information faster and better with your search results. What it does is browse the pages that appeared on let’s say Google search results and get chunks of information related to the keywords that you used. It highlights the keywords within the content which will allow you to access the information faster.

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FireShot: Firefox Screenshot Editor Plugin

What makes Firefox so great is not because it’s a fast browser. From my experience, Opera is still a faster browser than Firefox and consumes even less memory. Even if the older versions of Firefox are having memory issues, a

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Blog Editor Alternatives: ScribeFire

…continued. This is the continuation of the post for Blog Editor Alternatives. Here is the second part. ScribeFire ScribeFire is a very cool Firefox Extension that really brings blogging to a whole new level. It enables users to easily drag

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PodiPodi Opens to the Public

You may have noticed the flashing black thing every time you visit Orangeinks. It’s a plugin called PodiPodi. In case you missed our review on PodiPodi, it’s a website enhancement tool that lets you upgrade your website and packs it

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