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Awesome Awesome Preview of Adobe’s (Photoshop and Premier) Future

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What is The Most Reliable Photoshop Tutorial for Beginners ?

The one made by Adobe of course. Check it out below.  

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How Photoshop Affects the World’s Image or Images of the World

This video discusses how Photoshop is affecting our view of the world. Good or bad, Photoshop has become an important tool of this modern age. It just comes down on how you use it and what you use it for.

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Watch a 4K Video get Retouched Like Photoshopping a Still Picture

Since the birth of HD (and now 4K), one of the problems that film makers are facing is that the imperfections on the actors/actresses becomes too visible. I for one, like seeing those imperfections when watching a high definition movie/video.

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Adding Color to Black and White Photographs

When you think of the past, one thing that comes to mind is that it’s all black and white, when it comes to photographs that is. Today, we have Photoshop to give those pieces of history a chance to be

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Photoshop’s Battle Against Blurry Pictures

Photoshop’s newest image enhancement feature: The Deblurring Feature. According to the video, deblur uses advanced algorithms to calculate the camera movements that caused the blur, which allows the program to do a very accurate unblurring of the photograph. Deblurr may

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