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Capturing the Human Image with Dignity : How to Portrait Photography

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Tintype Photography is the 19th Century Version of Polariod

Take some time to appreciate a piece of photography history that is taken for granted in this era of digital SLRs, point and shoots, and camera phones. Tintype photography is a type of photography where pictures were printed on a

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How Many Photos Were Taken Since the Invention of the Camera?

This video will give us an idea on how many photos were taken to date, since the invention of the camera. You’ll see the difference in volume ever since the digital camera/digital photography became popular.  

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Photography in Space Explained [Video]

Watch as a NASA astronaut talk about photography in space and how it differs from taking photos on Earth’s surface. A very interesting video that explains the complexity of taking shots in zero gravity and lighting problems that is somewhat

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Stunning Image of Planet Venus [Edit: The Sun] Photographed In One Place All Year

Just thought that you might wan to enjoy this image of the Planet VenusĀ [Edit: the Sun] photographed all year from one location. This is a product of individual images merged together to produce this fantastic caption of the planet Venus

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Nissan Shows us how to Properly Photograph a Car

It starts with timing, getting up early before the sun comes up, or staying around until just before the sun goes down.  

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