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Gartic: Online Guess the Drawing Game

Gartic is a web-based online drawing game which purpose is to score points by guessing what the other player has drawn. The game can be played on your browser without having to download anything or use a third party plugin.

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Roshambo: The Online Multiplayer Rock-Paper-Scissors Game.

Roshambo allows you challenge your online buddies to a game of Rock-Paper-Scissors. The app requires no plugins and will not require you to download anything. Just type in your name and the name of your opponent and send him/her the

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Help Find Cure for Diseases by Playing Foldit

Foldit is an online game that enables you to contribute data for medical scientific research by playing it. Foldit attempts to predict the structure of a protein by taking advantage of people’s puzzle-solving skills and having people play competitively to

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Moshi Monsters Finally Launches

Moshi Monsters is a social networking site for kids that we introduced last year. The service is focused on kids’ learning through the use of social networking. You can start by adopting a monster and eventually taking care of your

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Play a Strategy Game in your Browser with WeeWar

WeeWar is a free to play round based online multiplayer strategy browser game. As a player, you get to command an army. With that army, your goal is to capture all the bases in the map and obliterate your opponents.

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