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Nike’s Kobe 8 SYSTEM’s Mesh is Engineered Like a Snake’s Scale

Weighing 9.6 ounces (272.1 grams) the Kobe 8 System is Nike’s attempt to engineer a shoe that is both light and can take the punishment from an aggressive athlete like Kobe Bryant. ┬áThe mesh’s engineering ┬áthat was patterned from a

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Famous Company Logos Redesigned Using the Comic Sans Typeface

Ever wondered what if Comic Sans was the font that ruled them all? Then the brands that we’ve come to love would look like the ones below. Check out the popular brands redesigned to complement the Comic Sans typeface. Would

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Dogs Made of Nike Shoes

Vinti Andrews’ dogs are a very unusual. Because they’re made from classic Nike shoes including Air Force 180s, Air Max 1s and Dunk Lows. Check em out at BEAMS.

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