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Still using MySpace? Looking for something that will make MySpace of more use? Here’s a useful app that you might want to check out. GrabThatFile is a web app that allows you to download music from MySpace. It’s like one

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Wired’s Celebrity Meter Measures Your Internet Popularity

I just found this interesting widget from Wired that measures your popularity in the internet. All you have to do is enter your MySpace URL, Twitter URL and your personal website of blog. So how does this widget work? It

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Zup: Inter-Social Network Communication Tool

Social networking’s goal is to easily keep in touch with your friends online, but with so many out there, each with a certain charisma to lure users into using their service, it often results to scattered online friends on different

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Free Music Zilla: Silly Name, Great Software

Free Music Zilla is a desktop tool specialized for social music downloading. This is the first time I have heard of Free Music Zilla and I have to admit that the name sounds kind of funny, but who cares about

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