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Dirpy: Quick Online Video to High Quality MP3 Converter

Dirpy is a web app that lets you convert videos to mp3 online. It also doubles a search engine that lets you find videos that you want to convert and download as MP3. Dirpy finds files by utilizing Google’s expansive

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ChirBit: Micro Podcasting Tool

Chirbit is a simple audio sharing tool that gives you the Twitter feel. The only difference is that instead of sharing snippets of text to your followers, you get to share audio files and recordings. Chirbit enables you to record,

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Vloud Makes your MP3s Louder

Vloud is a simple web tool that you can use to increase the loudness of your MP3s. If you think that your Mp3 is not loud enough for you after adjusting the volume to the max, you can use Vloud

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Online Converter: Video Files to MP3

Here’s a simple web tool that will rip any video file of its sound/audio and lets you save it as MP3. The converter is called VidtoMP3. It’s a neat and easy way to download MP3 from your favorite online Tube

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Convert Any Media Online

Media Convert is an online application that converts media formats from audio files, video, presentation, documents, spreadsheets, images and even archives.  You do not need to install and find a software or application (most are equipped with spyware and adware

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