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Gotta Catch ’em All – Pokemon Avengers

This mashup art of Pokemon and The Avengers was made by AstroZerk. Visit his Deviant Art page to see more of his work. Meanwhile, enjoy this awesome Pokevengers art. Check out PikaThor.   Image Source

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When Winnie the Pooh Characters Plays the Avengers

A Winnie the Pooh and Avengers mashup by cpwilsoniii. It was inspired by the original Winnie the Pooh book art rather than the Disney version. Image Source

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Vintage Mashup Posters of Toy Story and Classic Films

These awesome mashup posters were made by Jim Tuckwell.  You can visit his Tumblr site if you want to order prints and check out more of his cool creations. This Platoon version my favorite of Jim’s Toy Story poster series

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The Avengers + Angry Birds

This is what it’ll look like if Angry Birds was played with Avengers as characters. Cool mashup. Image Source

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Super Mario + Portal = Mario Portals

Stabyourself is making this Super Mario and Portal Mashup “parody” game. It’s still unclear when the game will be released. Here’s test number 3 video of the game. Enjoy.

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Angry Birds as Superheroes? = Angry Heroes

Or superheroes as Angry Birds? Whatever form they’re in, they’re both popular. This mashup is bound to happen. Check out popular superheroes in bird form or Angry Birds in superhero form.

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