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Help Find Cure for Diseases by Playing Foldit

Foldit is an online game that enables you to contribute data for medical scientific research by playing it. Foldit attempts to predict the structure of a protein by taking advantage of people’s puzzle-solving skills and having people play competitively to

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Turn your iTunes into an Alarm Clock

iSnooze is a small and simple Windows application that lets you use your iTunes as an alarm clock. Just download the exe file and install in your Windows machine and you can start setting up your wake up times. The

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Test Websites on Differrent Browsers and Operating Systems using CrossBrowserTesting

CrossBrowserTesting is a unique and useful tool to test websites on different browsers running on a variation of operating systems. The service will allow you to properly view websites without going to the process of dual booting or finding computers

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Distraction Free Writing Tools

There are always simple tools for simple needs which will give you nothing more and nothing less. The tools that I am going to mention both functions the same way but has some differences. The Write Room is a Mac

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