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LinkWithin: A New Related Post Widget for Blogs

Are you looking for a blog widget to further increase your page views? One way of increasing page views on your blog is to offer related reading. This gives the readers an opportunity to have a glimpse of your other

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Psolenoid: Blog Reaction Linking Tool

Psolenoid is an interesting new service which aims to help bloggers interconnect with each other by linking a post reaction to another post. It kind of works like the related posts that you see displayed on blogs, the only difference

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Get Blogging Suggestions for your Content Using Zemanta

Zemanta is a new web app (still in alpha version) that lets you get suggestions for your content while blogging. As of now, they index around 300 top media sources and numerous blogs of their users. They also provide image

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Scientology: A Dangerous Cult, Says Google

I found this while Stumblingupon yesterday and had a good laugh when I saw this pop up on my next stumble. It seemed that Scientology is ranking first on Google for the keywords “dangerous cult.” It’s funny to think that

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